LX Aer Education

iOS Application

This is the mobile version of our flagship software, LX Aer Education. With numerous features for learning, such as custom flashcards, computer-generated mathematics problems, and a comprehensive learning management system, LX Aer Education offers teachers and students everything they need to be successful in the classroom.

This enables the General Mathematics and Flashcards features within the LX Aer Education application on iOS, enables access to the LX Aer Education web applet, and enables desktop access to all of these features and more, such as Quizzes, in the desktop app.

Please note that this does not give users the ability to create LX SecurClass/LX SecurAttend classes. To create these classes as a teacher, for your students, or as an organization, please contact [email protected] to purchase an LX SecurClass license.

iOS Application In-App Purchase: LX Aer Education 1 Month

Price (USD): $2.99/month (does not renew automatically)

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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